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My services

Digital Communication Strategy

You will receive a very ample material containing: competition analysis, audit of your digital communication channels, digital communication trends, digital communication objectives, content pillars, platforms, TOV, frequency, hashtag strategy, post simulations, influencers marketing , e-mail marketing, website audit, special projects, etc.

Social Media Management & Creation

I completely manage your Social Media channels, starting from content creation, scheduling posts and monitoring page activity to monthly, quarterly and annual reporting, but also strategy optimization if necessary. The platforms I manage: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Newsletter Management & Creation

I am in charge of the strategy and planning for your email marketing campaigns, as well as the content creation for each campaign. Implementation and technical setup is outsourced to a collaborator.

Website content & App content

I create the content for your website or app, according to brand rules and SEO specifications.

Blog content (blog articles, interviews, study cases)

I create content for the company blog, from holistic articles to interviews and case studies, always keeping in mind SEO specifications.

PR Content (press release and so on)

I create content for PR materials, according to brand rules, but also press rules.

Transcriptions/translations/adaptations (RO-EN / EN-RO)

I translate and adapt content from English to Romanian and vice versa. I do not provide authorized translations.

Product descriptions

I create product descriptions for online shops, taking into account SEO specifications.

1to1 Consulting Sessions on how to approach digital for your business

I offer consulting sessions to small and medium-sized businesses on how to approach the digital environment, with a focus on the specific needs of the client.

*Add ons through my collaborators – web dev, graphic design and PPC. Upon request, I can mediate project management in working with them.

!! The final offers are customizable, depending on needs, objectives, budget and timeline, so please do not request a standard budget before briefing and discovery call.

Work process

Okay, if we got this far, let me introduce you to my way of working

Why work with me?

Speed ​​& Flexibility
I quickly adapt to the needs of my clients, I can easily move from one client to another, thanks to the experience gained in the digital agencies I worked so far and the wide range of industries in which I have been active lately.

Efficiency & Simplicity
I am constantly looking to automate processes and find the easiest ways that can give us the maximum results. I don’t like to complicate things, I’m a big fan of single tasking and clarity.

The right mix between creativity and efficiency
I build stories and strategies that sound nice, but also solve the tensions of the business. I’m interested in aesthetics and efficiency as well. I mix the numbers with the storytelling part in order to achieve our goals.

Patience & Communication
I really value team spirit a lot. I am not just a simple service provider, but a long-term partner, and such a relationship is definitely built on a strong foundation of patience and communication.

Take a seat and let’s have a talk over a coffee, even a virtual one!

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