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I find the right words when you don’t.

Let’s find out how!
Cristia Cornea here,

digital nomad story tailor and coffee obsessed.

So happy to have you here, in my small but creative and full of good energy space on the Internet.

I assume that the Universe did not bring you around here for nothing. And if you do not have THE words to say what you need, I got you. I find the perfect words to enhance your story, no matter where you want to share it – Social Media posts, Instagram ads campaigns, newsletters or a brand new website for your business, you name it.

Find out more about my previous experience!

More than 25 clients

trusted me

In recent years, I have worked with more than 25 clients, both long-term and project-based, and my current clients have been with me for at least 3 years. I asked them for their opinion and here’s what they had to say about me:

Cristia convinced me over coffee that she was the specialist I needed for copywriting and social media. Throughout our collaboration, she surprised me with her creativity and talent, with her ability to adapt her writing to any field of activity. She is always connected to the digital environment, keeps up with the dynamics of social networks and constantly invests, out of passion, in her professional development. Cristia's superpower: her creative mind!

Denisa BoeruCo-founder, Atelier Fain

We worked together on social media strategy and content writing. Cristia is a professional who understood exactly what we wanted and knew exactly what to do at every step of the journey. I can summarize everything in 3 words: quality, dedication and professionalism. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to embrace something other than the ordinary…

Ovidiu MunteanFounder & CEO, IMAWO INC S.R.L.

I made a wonderful team with Cristia. Full of enthusiasm and professionalism, she alwayes delivered promptly and with excellent quality. She is one of the most talented people I have worked with. I highly recommend choosing her.

Elena RusGraphic Designer

Throughout my relationship with Cristia, over the past 3 years at Sunshine Digital Communication, I have seen in her a lot of passion for what she does, curiosity, seriousness and dedication in always completing her projects on time. She has a strategic thinking and perfect attention to details. She understands the digital environment very well, always came up with smart strategies and implemented them just as smart. She is always up to date with digital trends. She also has customer service skills, managing customers efficiently, with patience and communication.
She was a wonderful team member, both professionally and personally, always ready to help everyone.

Carmen RusuClient Service Director

I was lucky enough to meet Cristia, the girl with a plan. And what a difference she made! From now on, I know how to get where I want through Social Media and how to easily apply small tactics that can make a big difference. I got a detailed and personalized analysis of my social media accounts and very down to earth advices on what and how I can improve. When I get lost, I just open her strategy and apply her ideas step by step again.

Delia ȘimonFotograf

I had the opportunity to work with Cristia at Sunshine Digital, where we were colleagues. With a background in social media and blogging, she always brought out the best in every project. She is a good team player, dedicated and serious, but also very easily adaptable to any brand. It was wonderful to work with her, she is a true professional.

Oana PopescuAccount Manager
How I can help if you are:
I’m here to build a solid digital strategy to help you grow your business. At the same time, I will help you understand how digital works and how you can use the tools to your advantage.

I’m here to give you extra support for your digital team, for special projects or to sustain a more complex workload in a certain period. .

Web developer

I’m here to write the story you need in order to deliver a proper website.

Small business/Artist
I’m here to help you find the most suitable approach in digital communication through 1on1 work sessions.

Work process

Work ethic is very important to me, both from the perspective of interpersonal relationships and the way I work. In short, this is how things will go:


Completing a short questionnaire;

Discovery Call

30min. free video call to meet each other and talk about your business;

Set deliverables

And budget based on the discovery call;

Contracts & annexes

After approving the budget, we will dive in contracts & annexes aka the bureaucratic side of things;

Welcome kit

After signing all the documents, you’ll receive your Welcome kit and we will start working together;


Depending on the project, we will have 1-2 monthly calls for debriefing and reporting and 1 weekly status on e-mail.
Schedule a discovery call

Take a seat and let’s have a talk over a coffee, even a virtual one!

Schedule a free discovery call
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