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Did the writing choose me or did I choose it?

If in the past I would have easily and slightly arrogantly said that I chose my profession, in fact, writing has not only chosen me, but it has also saved me continuously, in almost every stage of my life. I was a “special” child, born (or not) with balbism, a pathology that keeps you at the border between a child with special needs and normality. Stuttering made my speech quite incoherent and also communication quite difficult.

This condition made me express myself much more easily in writing, developing a special sensitivity when it comes to the words I use and hear. It also made me find refuge among the pages of the journals I wrote. I grew up with this affinity, not knowing what to do with it next. Only at the end of high school, after eliminating, one by one, all the attempts to choose my profession, I realized that I still had writing left and that this would take me somewhere, someday.

Although I’m so tempted to say it’s been a rather bumpy road, looking back, I realize that every little decision has brought me here and that my love for communication, words and writing has grown me, honed me, nurtured me and made me see life in a certain manner. The same manner that made this business happen from 2020 until this day.

What do I actually do?

For some I write, for others I strategize. It depends on your needs.

If you already have an efficient social media strategy, but you need someone super organized, who understands the digital environment and also has a creative mind, I am here to write it down and make sure it will be implemented effectively in terms of costs, time and resources. . With your team or mine.

If you do not have a social media strategy in place, but you understand why it is mandatory to have one,I am here to help you to better identify your needs and define your objectives in order to find the perfect tools/words/platforms to promote your business. With your team or mine, as well.

And if you just need someone talented at writing, well I can do websites, newsletters, ads copy, press releases and so on. Just send me the brief and deadline, and I’ll get you covered.

How did it all start?

I have 8 years of writing experience and my first job was as a junior editor in the editorial office of a glossy magazine . After one year, I had an opportunity at Ghidul Miresei, as both editor of their magazine, but also as a marketing assistant, with focus on Social Media.

Right then and there the magic happened, because I fell hopelessly in love with digital communication. One year later, I got the first job in an advertising agency, and 6 years later my love for what I do is still the same.

I have worked, through my jobs in several advertising agencies, with brands such as: Mercedes Benz, smart, RoadStars, Electrica, WorldClass, LEGO DUPLO, Tinmar Energy, Caroli (corporate), Fundația Groupe Renault România, Brown Forman, Oregon Park. I also experienced the small business & NGO area, as a freelancers, working with Narada (education NGO), Salvați Copiii (children NGO), Roomzia (interior design), Exit by choice (business consultancy), PurpleVague (tourism), Romanian Game Developers Association, Upgrade100, Universum (GoTech World, Bucharest Tech Week, Virtualized), WishFest, Vadoo Chill Fest, Grădina cu Artiști, Micile Bucurii (sustainability NGO), Intercereal (agriculture), MediJobs, and some other small projects.

To actually see my work, click down below and you’ll be transferred directly to my portfolio.

Soft Skills:

  • adaptability
  • curiosity
  • time & task management
  • communication
  • agility & creative thinking
  • empathy
  • listening skills and the ability to see different points of view
Hard Skills:

  • Social Media
  • copywriting
  • content writing
  • digital strategy
  • influencers marketing
  • research
  • good understanding of SEO
Career Highlights
Part of the team who won the 3rd place at Webstock with #getsmartED campaign in 2017.
Mentor at MentorIAA for public relations & comm students in 2018.
Volunteer at CreateAthon powered by Kaufland, where me & my team developed a website in 24 hours for ADDIP NGO.
I had several brands in the top of the most visible brands on Social Media, according to Zelist.
Some random stuff about me

I am curious, the new excites me and I love to explore. At the same time, I need community and connection.

I am a people person. I have a soft spot for arts, I enjoy talking about creativity and meeting local artists. I did a barista workshop, I have a big collection of vinyls, I paint on ceramics to relax, but I also target shoot for the same reason. . I support sustainability and it is a principle by which I guide my life, along with clarity and simplicity in everything I do. I have a monthly special budget for donations to the causes I believe in and I have a personal project called #OneGoodDeedPerMonth, where I do something for the community.

Traveling is the biggest reward for me, so I make sure to constantly make time for city breaks and mini vacations all over the world.

Press page

I seem to have inspired some people through what I do, therefore there are some interviews with me here and there. If you wanna read my opinions on business, freelancing and creativity, check them out!

Take a seat and let’s have a talk over a coffee, even a virtual one!

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