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Welcome to The Freelancer Bootcamp – Second Edition – a comprehensive program designed to provide you with the necessary resources for launching your freelance career!

What you see here is a dynamic and hands-on mentorship program, running for 6 weeks on Zoom. Structured into multiple modules, this one is not your usual run-of-the-mill – we’re diving deep, getting hands-on, and even throwing in some homework to keep things lively. We’re getting into all the juicy bits of freelancing life. Finish up those tasks, hit up all the sessions, and you’re basically freelancing royalty. Keep this in mind, nailing freelancing starts with boss-level self-management.

Are you up for the challenge?

Break it down for me – what’s the deal with what we’re gonna learn?

First up, it’s the system I’m rocking today and the one I wish I had back when I kicked off my business. The behind-the-scenes of freelancing life, spillin’ all the vibes – the good, the not-so-good, crafted across the modules below:
  • MODULE 1 (Freelance Fundamentals) – how to define your own metrics to measure success in your niche, the working style that suits you best, and how to validate your business ideas in real life;
  • MODULE 2 (Freelance Compliance) – how to choose your legal work structure, find the right accountant, and sweeten the deal with the Tax Authorities, understanding both your rights and responsibilities;
  • MODULE 3 (Freelance Workflow) – how to plan your time & energy and how to set your goals through efficient planning & organization techniques, using both digital and traditional tools;
  • MODULE 4 (Money Talk) – how to efficiently organize your finances, from taxes to pension contributions, related to the pricing formula suitable for your business;
  • MODULE 5 (Pitch Perfect) – how to master sales and seamless client onboarding, while respecting your personal boundaries and implementing a work ethic;
  • MODULE 6 (Brand Boost) – how to build your personal brand, from creating a portfolio to content strategy on Social Media.
I'm ready to level up!

*from custom-made templates to contract & invoice models, ready-to-fill sheets for a content strategy.

I’m thrilled to introduce an all-inclusive starter pack – a game-changer for your freelancing journey. You’ll get six insightful Zoom group sessions where we’ll explore essential strategies hand-in-hand. Each module comes with complimentary templates, crafted to simplify your journey.

But that’s not all – secure your spot, and you’ll also enjoy a personalized 1-on-1 session with me. Beyond that, you’ll have unlimited access to all modules, downloadable templates for your convenience, and continuous support from yours truly. Post-course, you can join our exclusive community for ongoing collaboration, shared insights, and that extra boost when you need it most.

I’m serving up battle-tested systems, tools, and automations, all revamped by yours truly. It’s the plug-and-play solution to kickstart your journey into freelancing, no complications.
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When, Where & How
  •  Each Tuesday and Thursday, from 18:00 to 20:00.
    (March 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28)
*We’re capping each group at a chill 6 participants. That way, we’ve got all the time we need for personal talks, helping each other out, and really forming those emotional bonds I hope for.
**Each module will consist of a theoretical part, a practical one, and a set of hands-on exercises for home. Plus, I’ve got a little surprise waiting for you at the end of each module – might be a cool read, access to some courses, or a snazzy template to jazz up your way. It’s like a mini gift party to wrap things up!
***Also, you’ll also have a 1-on-1 session included, valid for 3 months from the successful completion of the course. You can use this session with me for personal brainstorming, emotional breakthroughs, feedback on your strategy, or anything you feel would help to level up your game,
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Curiosity piqued? Let’s chat about who I am and why why I’m offering you this learning experience.

I am Cristia Cornea, a fully licensed freelancer for nearly 4 years, and I’ve been honing my skills in this field for almost 10 years. In a corporate timeline, I’d probably be a manager or head of (insert any department here) by now. Instead, I’ve chosen to independently navigate my professional life on my terms, aligned with my values and maintaining a work ethic that I felt was increasingly rare in the workplaces I encountered.

I continue to collaborate with advertising agencies, multinational companies, entrepreneurs, and local businesses, constantly learning something new from each experience. Among my current clients are Jack Daniel’s and Finlandia, Tinmar Energy, Coop Wallet, WishFest, and many more exciting projects, big and small, which I invite you to explore directly in my portfolio.

Uncertainty has been the primary concern for everyone I’ve talked to so far, but let me tell you this – I’ve managed to move into my own house, take out a bank loan, establish an emergency fund, self-educate financially, go on multiple vacations each year, and set much higher goals than I could have ever hoped for. All since I chose to work independently.

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    Your contribution to this program is 250 euro, payable in 2 installments. If you pay the full amount upfront, I’ll give you a discount of 50 euro, meaning you get everything mentioned above for 200 euro.

    How to enroll:

    • Complete the form on the left with your information.
    • Shortly thereafter, expect a confirmation email providing comprehensive details about the program structure, module content, and instructions for payment.
      *Payment options are available for both individuals and businesses.
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    Slide into the chat on your right – it’s the WhatsApp hotline. Fire away with any questions or cool ideas, and I’ll hit you back ASAP.

    For a dose of the real freelance deal – the good, the bad, and the coffee-stained – catch me on Instagram. I drop posts almost every day about the hustle & cats.

    If you’re curious for more, check out these press interviews below where I share my take on freelancing. 😊

    I also have the golden ticket to spice up my freelancer course – the facilitator certificate, recognizing my expertise and proficiency in guiding and facilitating learning experiences. Let’s make it official and fun – Ministry-approved style!