Contributed to an extensive project involving Social Media management and content creation for three prominent annual tech events—GoTech World (B2B), Bucharest Tech Week (B2C), and Virtualized (online events). The primary objective was to curate and maintain a robust online reputation while effectively communicating each project’s essence in the digital landscape.

Throughout the project’s duration, spanning multiple months, I strategically managed Social Media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Crafting engaging content tailored to each platform, I ensured a cohesive narrative that captivated diverse audiences across B2B and B2C sectors.

Beyond Social Media, my contributions extended to content creation for various mediums such as blog articles, newsletters for comprehensive mailing campaigns, and adaptations for speaker interviews across multiple publications. Notably, I led the headline creation for a sticker campaign in collaboration with Metrorex, enhancing offline visibility and reinforcing brand messaging.

This multifaceted project demanded a harmonious blend of digital communication skills, strategic content creation, and cross-platform engagement tactics. The results not only elevated the online presence of these annual tech events but also contributed significantly to their overarching success and resonance within the tech community.

Domeniu: tech events
Skills: copywriting (Social Media, Facebook&Google ads), content writing (newsletters, blog articles, interviews), social media management.

*Graphic design: internal team