Content creation and Social Media management for The Coop Network and Coop Wallet startup, a business focused on blockchain investments, creating Romania’s first digital membership cooperative. The main objective is to increase awareness and visibility in the digital environment through Social Media, performance, newsletters, and more, followed by community growth and nurturing the existing one.

This project demanded not just financial acumen but also an adeptness in distilling intricate ideas into digestible content. By aligning the startup’s voice with the audience’s needs, we forged a connection that went beyond financial services, fostering trust and positioning the brand as a reliable ally in the financial journey.

The amalgamation of web content, insightful newsletters, and engaging social media presence resulted in an ecosystem that not only educated but also inspired and empowered the audience, solidifying the startup’s foothold in the competitive finance landscape.

English only

Niche financial, tech & investments
Skills: Social Media Management, digital strategy, website content creation, newsletter content creation, project management

Website Design: The Coop Network (internal team)