The project encompassed Social Media management, content creation, and project management, primarily focusing on Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, influencer marketing (Instagram takeover projects), and landing page content. Notable brand projects within this collaboration included #ceamaibunăenergie in 2018 (brand launch campaign on Social Media) and Tinmar Energy Advent Calendar in 2021.

The Tinmar Energy Advent Calendar project was particularly impactful, achieving a milestone of 10k followers on Instagram—a significant achievement for the brand. Additionally, we witnessed a 25% growth in the newsletter subscriber list.

In 2022, I collaborated with various influencers for Instagram takeovers, including @cofentropy, @stefanateodoriu, @cudeea, @sinzianasooper, @fabmusediana, @ioanagrama,, @niculaeandrei, @lauramusuroaea.

Domeniu: electric energy
Skills: copywriting, content writing, graphic design, project management, influencers marketing, social media management

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